Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Working on a schedule

So far I've figured out...the only guarantee with chemo is, there is NO guarantee.  There has been no consistence.  Last week was my full chemo week.  Some days I would start to feel a little better, only to feel horrible by bedtime.  Where others days I woke up feeling bad, but was able to get up and get out and about.
They say (they- being the cancer professionals) that I will get a schedule where I know when I'm going to feel good, and when I won't.  So far, I'm still working on that schedule.

On Friday afternoon my mom and SIL Tashia flew down to help for the weekend.  I had a lab apt on Friday to see how my kidneys were functioning after that first round.  I actually was feeling pretty yucky that day.  After we got home from the airport I got a phone call from Dr. Chipman (oncologist) and he said my labs looked great.  He said my kidneys were functioning perfectly  (big shout out to my kidneys  "GO KIDNEYS").
That did help to hear some good news.

On Saturday, Larry went to work and the rest of us got ready to go to "Truck or Treat" here in Fruita.  The kids got to wear their costumes and trick or treat.  I felt up to going, and it was nice to get out.  That's the first time I've really been out on probably over 3 weeks.  I'm not sure which is harder..feeling sick and laying down all the time...or sick of laying down all the time.
While we were out I all the sudden was craving a big breakfast.  Fried eggs, hash browns, toast, bacon.  If you know me, you know I don't typically like breakfast food.  But my mom took me right over to IHOP and I ordered (and ate) an entire breakfast.  My appetite is so weird right now.  I'm usually only hungry for one meal a day.  And who knows what that meal is going to be.  Weird things sound good.  Last week my mouth was pretty numb and I couldn't really taste food.  This week I'm starting to be able to taste again.

For the most part, I've been able to control any nauseousness.  I get sick to my stomach, and then I take meds to help with that.  Lar gives me about 8 pills first thing in the morning to help with chemo side effects.
Overall, I just feel achy and sort of flu like.  I'm really hoping this week I get better and better.  I really need to feel good in between rounds.  It just feels like I've been sick for a month (I guess I sort of have).  But hopefully I will find a schedule where there will be lots of days in between rounds where I will feel somewhat normal.

I had such a wonderful gift sent to me.  A family friend in Utah, Joni, owns a head covers shop.  She called and told me she wanted me to have a wig.  My mom brought down about 20 different wigs for me to try.  It was so fun to try different styles.  But then, I put one of the wigs on, and it was almost exactly my hair style.  I looked in the mirror and it looked like me.  The pre-cancer me.  I was so excited because I feel like it will give me the chance to go out and not always feel like  I HAVE CANCER.  It's going to be very surreal when the day comes that I lose my hair.  But besides the wig, I have had friends make me hats (with cute flowers), plus Joni sent some adorable hats and head wraps that my family from Utah bought for me.
I know there are so many wonderful people that are put right in my path right now and have been able to make this journey so much easier for me.  No matter how hard this feels, I know someone else had gone through this, and had an even harder time because they did not have the support that I have had.  My goal is to get feeling so good (eventually) that I can start trying to pay back all the wonderful people in my life.
                                 My kids made me a "kemo" pillow, and my mom made me a blanket to take with
                                  me to treatments.     
                                                              (I took this picture of Lar)
                                          (and Lar took this picture of me. I'm sure I was saying "Make sure you get                                   my good side" :)  I'm also hooked up to my port here)
                                         part of the chemo treatments.


  1. Thank you so much for keeping us informed this way. We are thinking and praying for you constantly! You are an amazing trooper!

  2. Jen, Love the haircut :) I hope you do feel some relief soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers each day. I know the that through the atonement we can have the strength to do ALL things. We love you :)