Sunday, October 10, 2010

I hope I'm half the friend

**  This is a clarification post from a previous post ****

I ran into my friend Sue at the football game.  She came over to see how things were going, and she asked "Who is your friend Larry that is going with you?"  She was confused because she thought if it were my husband Larry, I would have called him my husband.  Makes sense!  Well, here's my reasoning:

Larry has been my husband for a little over 17 years.  And he's earned that title.
But Larry has been my friend, my very bestest friend for the last 22 years.  So the friendship title came first.

He's the kind of friend that works hard all day, and then comes home and sees that I'm tired and immediately starts cleaning or making dinner.  He'll go out and pick all the fresh vegetables out of my garden (that he planted) and bring them in for me...even though he doesn't eat ANY of it.
   He goes with me to every single doctors appt, scan, surgery, procedure.  He holds my hand (when he's allowed to come in) even though one time ( years and years ago, like in 1994) he went to the ER with me because I had leg aches << very funny story>>, anyway when they talked about taking a blood sample, I looked and my friend Larry had passed out.  :)
   He encourages me to be brave.  He takes over all parenting when I don't feel up to it.  He's an amazing father to our 3 kids, and they would also consider him a friend.
  Sometimes, at night, I will watch him from the family room as he cleans up the dishes from dinner.  I think how he's been at work today, from 6:30am - 5pm and this should be his time to rest.  But he's always so willing to step up and get things done when I'm not able to.  Not only does he NOT complain one single time, but he'll then look over at me and say "Can I get you a drink?  Do you want some water with orange slices in it, like you like?"

Yesterday I mentioned how nice it would be if we could fit both vehicles in the garage.  My car was in, but on his side there was all our "summer" play toys, bikes, remote control cars, there was scrapbooking stuff, food storage, etc.  Before I knew it, he was outside working on it.
  Then I left to go have a fun girls night out, and when I got home...both cars were parked inside the garage.
And the lawn was mowed the kids had been fed dinner, showered and all 3 in bed asleep.  :)

When I think of Larry, and I make reference to him.  I just can't think of a better word than friend.  I hope I'm half the friend to him as he is to me!  


  1. What a great friend! You've earned that friendship by being a good friend, too. If only all women could be so lucky.

  2. You're both amazing people! Love you both!