Monday, November 29, 2010

Almost half way done!

Today starts round 3.  After this week I will be half way done!  Hooray!

I went in to Dr. V's office and had my lab work done, my IV put in my port,  and an office visit.  Dr. V said she is going to schedule for me to have a PET scan in a couple of weeks to see how to chemo has affected the cancer.  She can no longer feel any of the lumps that were there prior to treatment, so that is a good sign.

  Tomorrow morning I go in for Rituxin infusion and also the CHoP chemo.  And then Wednesday I go in for the rest of the Rituxin infusion and the Neulasta shot.  Now that we know how fast I can take the Rituxin without allergic reaction,  they can better plan how long I will need to be there.  Also, this makes my treatment 3 days instead of 4, which means I should feel better one day sooner (I hope)!

I talked to Huntsman Cancer Center in Utah about a consult for a bone marrow transplant.  The transplant coordinator there told me my oncologist at Huntsman (Dr. Glenn) did not think I needed a transplant.  But she also mentioned it had been a while since I had seen her and she may not have all my current info.  I'm sure she doesn't because the last time I saw her was right after I delivered Hope (3 years ago).  So I scheduled an appt to see her.  That way all my records will be transferred down to her.  I would feel a lot better with her opinion if I knew she had all my scans, labs and pathology from the last 3 years.

  I will go to Utah to see her the week before Christmas.  If she does feel like I need to have a transplant, I will be able to have a consult with the transplant doctor while I'm there as well.  I'm very interested to hear a second opinion,  especially since the specialist from Denver was pretty adamant that I needed to have a transplant at first remission.

  Larry asked Dr. V what her opinion was on the transplant.  She just mentioned that it was a very good chance for a cure.  I told her I have always felt like I would overcome this disease and live a very long time, but I was still trying to figure out exactly what the path was that I would need to take to get there.

1. Always, always be in charge of your own health.  Always get second, and even third opinions.
2. Always listen to yourself when it comes to your own health.  No doctor, regardless of their education, should talk you out of, or in to something you know to be different.
3.  Search, Ponder and Pray (ever heard that before? :)  In reference to your health:  Search means "GOOGLE", and pray means pray.  But the ponder part is where you have to really listen.  It's what you will hear in your heart when you're very still.  That's the part that I think has lead me to where I am now.  Don't ever forget to listen.
4.  Don't be afraid of traditional medicine.  It's tried and true. It's studied and it works.
5.  Don't be afraid of non-traditional medicine.  There's a lot to be said for trying other forms of treatment.   Even if it's combined with traditional medicine. It  all goes back to being in charge of your health.

At my appt today I checked in and picked up my green form.  It's a cancer form.  It has to be filled out at every appt.  It's a questionnaire about how your feeling, side effects your having, etc.
I sat down across from a sweet little older man.  He said "You look like you're feeling pretty good for having to fill out one of those green forms"  and I told him this was my good week, but that I would be having a lousy week coming up.  He said he knew what I meant, he was going through chemo right now as well.  Then he said  "We're just doing the best we can to stay on this side of the dirt".  I just thought that was really funny (and true).

As I was driving home from my appt today, the song "Everybody-Rock Your Body" by the Backstreet Boys came on the radio.  I could not help but do the "car seat dance".  I'm actually pretty good at it.  Really, it just requires a lot of shoulder action, and also some bum bouncing.  You can't help but feel great while hearing a great song and dancing along.
   I've always been a "car seat dancer" (you too?).  When Larry and I were first married, someone from his work had driven past us and saw us.  The next day he told Larry he had seen us out driving, and then he said "Your wife was bouncing all around, what was wrong with her?"  And Larry explained that I was just dancing.  :)  Listen to that song....I promise you'll be dancing too!


  1. Hey Jen, isn't it interesting how we look forward to each milestone? Being half finished with chemo is huge! I love and agree with your tips for getting through the cancer process, especially making your own informed, intuitive decisions about your care. It is your body! The Person who gave it to you is still in charge and wants to help you get full benefit from that body. You go, girl!!

  2. I love to hear how you are taking charge! You have amazing strength and insight. We are, and will continue to pray mightily for you.