Thursday, November 25, 2010

I think I can BRAG because I'm AMAZED

So,  my cousin Derrick and my Aunt Eileen, knowing I would not be feeling up to doing much decorating this Christmas, offered to come down and decorate my house for me.  I was thrilled because Derrick has many, many talents.  Some of those talents happen to include decorating and cooking.
  Derrick lives in Salt Lake, so he drove out Tuesday with a car full of Christmas decor.  I had my tree up, but not a one other sign of Christmas in my house.  (see these before pics) 
   Well, fairly quickly Tuesday night the transformation began:
                                                           Josh helping decorate
                                                  The finished tree  (Shiny Brite ornaments were the inspiration for this tree)
                                         A hot cocoa break
                                                   Lauren drinking hot cocoa
                                             My Christmas living room

                                 Derrick making more homemade bows.  Between the tree and everywhere else, he  must  have homemade 30 bows!  I told you-the guy has TALENT!   I think my mom is telling Derrick how talented he is in this pic!  :)
                                              Lauren and Larry putting the lighted garland around the cabinets
Even the kitchen light fixture has been "holidayzed"

Right this minute Derrick and my mom are cooking a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner complete with Pomegranate marinated turkey, homemade stuffing and homemade rolls.  Do you want to see my Thanksgiving centerpiece?  Derrick asked if I was done with the pumpkins I had sitting on my front porch.  I told him I was, thinking he was going to throw them away.  Next thing I know, here's their new place in life;
sitting in the middle of my Thanksgiving table.

See??? Talented huh? I'm very thankful to have been the recipient of such a wonderful gesture by my cousin and aunt and their family. I will thoroughly enjoy sitting in my Christmas house enjoying the beauty he created.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
And I hope you all remember to wear comfy clothes!


  1. Jen, I found your blog after reading about you over on Casual Blog Community. Now I can't stop crying! First of all see the Christmas transformation that Derrick accomplished and then to read about your ordeal with cancer. Your sweet family will be our prayers! I added my name as a follower of your blog to keep up with your progress. You now have a cheering section here in sunny California, when it's not foggy:) And tonight at Relief Society card making class I want to share your story, hope you don't mind. Just want you to know that you have "sisters" who love you and pray for you even a couple of states away!!!