Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Round 2 goes to the girl in the comfy sweats

As "substitute poster" I have been given license to go through the happenings of the day. I hope I do justice.

We were feeling pretty good about yesterday. Even though Jen had a negative reaction to the Rituxin, through patience and good nursing, she was able to finish it out. The wonderful thing about succeeding through something difficult is that it gives us precedence to a situation where we know we can push a little more and get through it. So today started a little more upbeat knowing Jen was able to take all the Rituxin yesterday and last time had no serious hang ups with the CHoP. Been there, done that. Also having one round behind us already we have some insight as to how to stay ahead of the nausea, headaches, and other side effects to hopefully lessen their impact. If you don't have a pharmacist close by I will share with you what they would say.(fortunately we have 2 on speed dial). It is easier to prevent nausea than to try to recover from it. Right now Jen is resting comfortably. We know a good night sleep is priceless and right now very necessary. Tomorrow is the Neulasta shot which last time was pretty brutal. It makes your bones ache from the inside out, which is a by product of the bone marrow jumping in to overdrive. As painful as it is it is also what causes your white count to count to come back up which is quite concern coming onto cold and flu season.

All in all a good day. This also means we are 33.33% done. Being a guy who loves numbers, this is huge to me.

Good thought for the day.... I have said this many times, but the Dr.'s and nurses we have had are nothing short of amazing. These folks put in some long days in a pressurized environment to make other peoples lives better, and I pray for them daily. Also, I know God loves my family because of the people he has surrounded us with. There is no shortage of Angels in our midst. We pray for them daily as well, because the strength of those around us has been our own. We can feel the prayers.


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  1. Jen! My computer died at the end of September, so I'm just now getting caught up! You are awesome and brave! I'm so proud of you and your amazing attitude! :) My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.
    And Larry, you are pretty darn awesome yourself! I loved reading about all the great things you do for Jen! :)
    Thinking of you both! *Hugs*