Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is she wearing a wig???

I'm Not as lucky as the random person I GOOGLED that only lost some of his hair.  But the good news is... really doesn't matter..thanks to my cute wig  (Big thanks again to Joni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So here's how the last few days have gone:

Day 16:  Every time I touched my hair more and more would fall out.  You still could not really tell by looking, but I knew the inevitable was coming.  I went to a baby shower and asked my friend (who also happens to be a hair stylist) if she could come over and help get my wig ready.

Day 17:  I decided at this point, I needed to just buzz my hair off.  It was very obvious it had no intention of sticking around.  When my friend got to my house, I asked her if she would shave it for me.  We decided to shave it with a #2 attachment.  After that, I tried on my wig and she thinned it out in a couple of spots and was ready to go.

Day 18:  (Saturday) Larry went in to work in the morning.  I got up to get ready. Even though my head was  shaved with a #2 attachment, my hair was still falling out everywhere.  I was just over it by this point.  I was tired of the "process" of loosing my hair.  It seemed to get harder and harder emotionally to deal with.  So when Lar got home at noon, I asked him to just literally shave it off.  I just want to be done with this part.  It's one of those things that when you know it's going to happen, I just wanted it to happen and be done. it's done.

I went to Lauren's cheer competition Friday night just wearing my wig.  (Well....not just wearing my wig.:)  At first it did sort of feel like that though because you just wonder if everyone is looking at you wondering "Is she wearing a wig???"  But nobody really looked twice.  I'm truly am so glad to be able to go out and feel like myself as much as possible.

You should just see how much time this whole "shaved head / wig wearing" has saved me on my getting ready time.  I think I may finally be able to beat Lar in the "getting ready to go" category.  I now know how easy it is for guys to get ready.  All those times he had to wait for me to get ready to go somewhere....Look at me now!!!  10 minutes start to finish!  (I'm waiting for my trophy) ;)


  1. Attitude is everything and yours is amazing! Thanks for being such a brave soul and such a positive example to the rest of us. Love and prayers are always coming to you from us.

  2. you look so good Jenn! I love the wig it looks like your hair...

  3. LOVE the wig! You look great,keep smiling.

  4. Love your wig. My mom went through chemo when I was in high school and college and she lost her hair on the second round. She got a wig that was just like her hair (even though we tried to get her to do something "fun"). Looking back on pictures from those years, we can't even tell when she was wearing a wig! I think it helps us to forget when she was sick and just remember the good times we had.

  5. You look Beautiful Jen!!! As Always,your in our thoughts and prayers....xoxo Sean & Melissa