Monday, September 20, 2010

Who would want to be a Cancer Lady's friend???

Ever since my diagnosis I've thought this every time I meet someone new.  I don't worry about my "old" friends because look, they're already in this 'friend boat'.  They don't really have a choice.  You don't hear people say, "I used to be her friend...until she got cancer".  But meeting new people.....that has me thinking.

I wonder if they think it could be a short term friendship.  Or if they don't want to get attached to someone with cancer, because...well...they have cancer.  I get that, I'm easy to get along with, and I think people easily get attached.  I'm fun and funny..who wouldn't love me??? :) Anyway....

I've been so fortunate to meet new people, you know, new people move into the ward, neighborhood, etc.  I wonder how long it takes before they hear about my cancer.   They always do.  I can sort of tell when they find out by how they look at me.  Sometimes its a  * Wow, she has cancer* look, and sometimes it's a *oh, I feel sorry for you* look, and sometimes it's a *Hmm, you'd never know she had the big C* look.  Either way, there's a look.   I don't really mind.  I mean, hopefully they'll see I'm still me.  Same old me.  Co-existing with cancer schmancer.  I'm pretty much the same as I've always been...only I get a lot more IV's, and boy am I tired.

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