Monday, September 20, 2010

If you think about it long just may do it!

It's true.  I've thought about doing this for such a long time.  And now, here we are.  I mean, I hope you're here too.   This is one of those things that I just knew could be very beneficial.  First of me.  It will be a place for me to write down my thoughts and feelings.  But it is also a place for you.  I didn't want to start a blog so others could read it and see..."oh, poor her", but a place to see what it is like when you have this specific trial.  I know that through others trials we gain strength to endure our own trials.  I hope that is the case.  I don't feel bad for myself  (most of the time).  So, you don't need to feel bad either.  Let's just chat.

I want to share my life as a "Cancer Mommy" because I know of it were me on the other end, I would wonder what it was like.  I would wonder how I could help, if help was needed.  I would also be curious of what the whole <cancer> thing is like.  So...guess what??  I'm not shy!  I'm ready to share.

Here are some quick cliff notes for you to read:

In 2007 I was a healthy mother of 2 beautiful children.  They're are L*, and J*.  I was in my 30's and wanted to add one more to our family.  Well, guess what...that's what we did, you know, me and my hubby.  And things were going along great until.......  dum, dum dummmm.  I found a lump on the side if my neck.  After a lot of trying to figure out through many different doctors, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  After even more testing (one of which included sticking a huge needle in my hip bone and breaking off a piece to look at under a microscope...did I mention I was pregnant, so yes, I was awake for that fun procedure) Anyway, I did have cancer in my bone marrow..(that was called a bone marrow biopsy) so that put me at stage 4.  Holy Schmokes!  I was freaking out.  Because the next thing I thought was I would be given a time frame.  You know, 3 months to live. etc, etc
But what happened next is *Amazing*
After an induction of my baby one month early  (very healthy baby girl named H*)  I was told I could watch & wait.

Watch what??? wait for what???

Watch and wait for the cancer to grow.  So guess what???  3 years later, I'm still waiting.  I have CAT scans every 6 months.  And at some point I will need chemotherapy.  But today...I'm watching, and waiting, and writing.

I hope what I have to say is helpful to others.  I know when I read of others trials and their faith it really helps strengthen my own.  And we can all use a good strong dose of pick-me-up every once in a while right???  Anyway...welcome to my blog!    

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