Monday, January 17, 2011

Days - 3,2,1 and a Dream

I'm combining Saturday, Sunday and Monday because I was busy those days, but not with medical "stuff".  Here's what I was busy with:

Saturday morning I had an appointment at Elementz Salon & Spa in Draper for a massage.  I was hoping it would help my neck, but I was also looking forward to doing something relaxing.  I got ready for the massage and the room was so peaceful and the massage table was so comfy.  She had me start by laying on my stomach so she could start on my neck / back.  As I laid there I felt tense and she even at one point asked me to stop clenching my fists and relax (I did not realize I was that tense).  But then it dawned on me, the last few times I've had to lay like that was to prepare to have some type of painful procedure (spinal tap / bone marrow biopsy).  So I had to consciously tell myself to relax.  After that, I did relax and it felt wonderful.  Debra is my moms massage therapist and she did a great job.  If anyone in the valley is in need of a good relaxing massage, you should absolutely try her.  She is in the Elementz Salon & Spa right off of I-15 in Draper.  She's in the corner of the strip mall over by Smith's.  It's so worth it!!  Plus, I think she's running a $50 for one hour special through January.  So, so worth it!!!  
   So now, I feel like a lot of tension in my back and neck are gone.  But I do still have that nagging pain on one side of my neck.  I think tomorrow I will ask Dr. Glenn about getting a CAT scan on my neck.  If for nothing else, just for piece of mind.  
     So then, we went to see a play at Desert Star Playhouse in Murray.  It was called "Back from the Future".  All the plays there are spoofs on other movies, and loosely based on them with a huge dose of "Utah culture" humor thrown in.  It was so funny. 
   And then Sunday, I wanted to go to Sacrament with my mom, but we realized (at 9:45am) that her ward had switched to 9:00am.  So we just went to Relief Society.  It was a great lesson on fasting, and there were lots of ladies there so happy to see my mom.  They all wanted to know if there was anything they could do to help.  They also said as a Relief Society they had fasted for me.  It is so humbling to have so many people care for me and my family.  It makes me so proud to be a part of this church. 
   My little brother and his wife came over last night and made dinner.  It was fun to see them and their 2 little girls.  But it really made me miss my kids.  They absolutely love to come to Utah and see their cousins.  But one thing that has helped me TREMENDOUSLY is one word :    S K Y P E

We set up Skype at my house and at my mom's house.  So if the kids ever need to talk to me, or I need to talk to them...we Skype.  It's made it so the kids can still see me and I can see them.  Last night we were Skyping and I was watching the kids just play and wrestle on the floor (normal stuff, as if I were there), and then Lauren took the laptop into the kitchen and I walked her through making some homemade icing for a cake she baked. 
   We are able to read scriptures as a family, and have family prayer together, all thanks to Skype.  It truly has been a lifesaver being able to be a part of some of our everyday activities, and see each other as opposed to just talking on the phone.  YAY FOR SKYPE!!!

Today has been a relaxing day  (and by that I mean I'm still in my pajamas).
I've been going through some old treasures my mom has from when I was little.  I just might post some old cheer pictures, dance pictures and pics of me when I was Lauren's age.  Man, I thought I was cool!  Wasn't blue eyeshadow and mascara cool?  Oversized sweaters? Acid washed jeans?  No??
I think they were very cool back in the late 80's. 

Today being Martin Luther King Day, I was thinking about "dreams".  My dream at this time is to get through the next month, and then have a fresh start with my health.  To be able to be in control and feel better than ever.  My dream is to look back at this time in my life and realize how much of a learning opportunity this was for me and my family.  My dream is that we will have learned all that we needed to and are better people because of it! 

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  1. We thoroughly enjoyed another fabulous morning with your precious Hope! LOVE her infectious giggle and those perfectly kissable cheeks! I just can't help myself ;) SO GLAD you have Skype to stay connected with your darling family. Prayers coming your way-- this will be over before you know it :)

    Much love,