Friday, January 21, 2011

Day +3

Three days past chemo.  Yay.

I was curious to see what chemo would be like without the Neulasta shot.  I've always associated a lot of the side effects after chemo to the Neulasta shot.  Well, it turns out, I was still miserable  (imagine that).  I haven't had the really bad aches, but I still have been shaky and a little nauseous.  I really think the one of the worst parts is the steroid (Prednisone, the "p" in CHop).  I have to be on that until 5 days after chemo (which will be Sunday).  I'm always so glad when that part is done.
   I will have a home health nurse start coming on Sunday (day +6) to start the neupogen shots.  She will come and give me a shot on Sunday-Wednesday.  And then Thursday I will go back up to Huntsman to start testing to see if I have enough stem cells in my blood stream to harvest.  Best case scenario is they will start to harvest on Thursday of Friday, and I will be done by next weekend.  I am planning on going with best case scenario.  I'm ready to be done with this part. 
   Even though I talk to Lar and the kids every day, I just can't wait to see them.  In some ways this last week has gone by fast, and in other ways being sick just seems to drag on. 
   It has been very nice being able to stay at my mom's house and be taken care of.  And a special thanks to Tom for giving up his iPad all week and letting me take it over :) 
  Thanks for checking in, and thanks again for all the prayers! ~♥

I'm so lucky to have my own healthy stem cells available to harvest.  It will make it so much easier in the future (if I ever do need a transplant) to use my own stem cells.  We have a goal set to harvest:
5 million cells. 
I problem! :) 


  1. Hi there, you don't know me, but I've been following for a little while now. I just wanted you to know that your strength is inspiring. I hope you feel better and those 5 million cells appear when you need them most!

  2. Everytime I read your blog I can just hear your voice and see your facial expressions we sure miss you guys just know you are in our thoughts and we are praying for you everyday. (I was so glad to here your cancer is gone) Yay!!!!

  3. I just found out someone I know pretty well was diagnosed this week with Stage 4 Hodgkin's.

    Reading through some of your posts has really helped me to know what he's facing. Even though he's not anyone I'm close with, it's good to know about that stuff. I'm sure you can never have too many people on your side.

  4. I'm glad things are going well. It is amazing how quickly the neupogen shots make your counts come up. I'm sorry you will be achy this week.

  5. Knowing you I'm pretty sure that 5 million will be no problem!

    Happy scrapbooking this week!