Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I should be doing

I am looking out a huge window watching huge snowflakes fall.  I love when it snows.
I should be skiing right now.  I should be putting little purple snow pants on my littlest friend and building an epic snowman right now.  I should be picking up the rug I left on my back porch right now (oops).  I should be brewing some hot cocoa and inviting friends over to play in the snow.  That's what I think I should be doing.
Maybe next snowstorm.

This snowstorm, I'm sick.  I've been sick since Friday.  High fevers, chills, aches, icky feeling.  This is supposed to be my feel good week.  And then this Wednesday was my 6th and final chemo.  I'm in the homestretch.  And I was looking forward to that. But Sunday when I went to the hospital to find out why I was sick, I was told I have a staph infection in my blood.  Not good!  I had lots of cultures drawn and then sent off to the lab.
Yesterday afternoon I came in to see Dr. V and she confirmed that I had an infection in my blood and would need some strong antibiotics through an IV for 10 days.  She said this may, or may not push back my final chemo treatment this Wednesday.  I'm looking out the huge window behind me in the infusion room watching the snow fall, thinking of all the things I should be doing.

Well, what I should be doing is planning a special celebration dinner with my family for Valentine's Day.  Our Halloween, Thanksgiving,  Christmas and New Year's all came and went with a little cancer cloud hovering over them.  But Valentine's Day...that day is supposed to be a huge celebration in our house.  And it will be!
This may be a little set back.  But what I will be doing is focusing on getting better and getting through this last chemo.  I will be planning an awesome Valentine's Day Celebration. ♥  I will be thankful for all the things / people that have blessed my life on a daily basis.  I will go home after this infusion and watch my little girl play in her purple snow pants playing in the snow.  And next snow storm I will be out there with her!

This is a message to Mr. and Mrs. Clark from California.:  You raised such a wonderful daughter.  I am so thankful to have her as my friend.  She continues to make my life easier in sooo many ways.  She is so caring and compassionate; she always seems to know exactly what to do to make things better for me.  I just wanted you to know, you should be so proud of the woman she is.  I'm sure you already knew that!
Love, Jen


  1. I am so sorry! Hang in there. Yes you should be playing but after all this it is good to know that you WILL be playing again soon.

  2. I just came across your blog from MMB and I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your blog. You sound like a wonderful person who has been given a very hard trial. My husband and I lost our first little girl when she was born and that trial has blessed us and our family in ways I never would imagined. You are an inspiration to others. Keep up the strong attitude and you and your family will be blessed. Thanks for being brave and sharing your story.