Monday, October 31, 2011

It's been way too long

So , I had to do an update.  First off- because it's been way too long.  But second- because I was just realizing how nice it is to have just completed another month, and to continue to be CANCER FREE.  It was just so wonderful this year for Halloween to be present and available to do activities with my kids and to feel great.  One year ago, I had just finished my first chemo treatment.  I had not lost my hair quite yet, but I was feeling pretty yucky.  So this year has been a pretty amazing difference.

I have had a very busy summer.  Lauren had been cheering again, and we're always so busy with that.  Josh had lots of fun activities this summer.  One of them was swimming lessons.  He's already a great swimmer, but these classes were a little more advanced and he really got a lot out of them.  Hope has been busy as well.  She started Preschool this fall.  It's actually Joy School, and there are 4 kids in it.  We rotate houses, and I teach once every 4 weeks.  It's been so good for her to meet some new friends.  She's really funny, everywhere we go, if she's a kid her age, she'll walk right up to them and say "Hi, do you want to be my friend?"  That is exactly how I was as a little girl.  I loved to make new friends.  So, it's so cute to see her be such a little social butterfly as well.

I have had a wonderful opportunity to be a part of an amazing choir.  We have been practicing for 2 months to sing for one night at a Stake Presidents Concert.  We have been working with one of the most talented musicians I have ever known.  I originally wanted to be a part of it for the experience, but I have learned so much about music and performing in a choir, it has been so awesome.  Our concert will be on November 20th.  It is a 100 person choir and a full orchestra.  I'm way excited!

One of the songs we are singing in called "My Song in the Night".  I found this awesome video of the Mormon Tab Choir singing it.  I loved the song before, but after seeing the video, it's hard to sing it without getting a little choked up.   CLICK HERE to watch the video.  

notice the name change of my blog title???  :)  I like it!


  1. Jen, So glad to hear things are going so well! I loved your update and I like that new title!

    PS I totally botched the Halloween trunk or treat parade :( Sorry.

  2. Jen, I am sorry that you have to go through that again. I will be praying for you. I want to thank you for this blog and for sharing this hard stuff. I am amazed by your courage (and I am sure you have moments you struggle), but you are an example to me and seeing how you handle your challenges with faith and courage helps me to put my challenges in perspective and to realize that I am stronger than my challenges in life. Thank you.