Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Icing on the Cake

SO, I went in on Monday to have some labs done and see if my white count had come back up. Here's the difference a week makes (a week on Neupogen that is)...

Last week my white blood cell count was at: 1.7 (normal range is 4.3-10.8)
Last week my ANC was 215  (normal range is 1500-8000)

This week my white blood cell count was at 10.5  and my ANC was at 7500
So I'm totally back in the normal range.  Which is good....except for the phone call I got Monday afternoon from Dr. V herself.  She said:

"Now that your counts are back up we could go ahead and do the last Chop treatment.  There's no guarantee it will do anything at this point..but, we would hate to look back in 3 years and think we wish we would've completed that last treatment."

But she also said it was my choice.  And I went back and forth because really, I want to be done.  I think I've said that once or twice before.  :)

And then Monday night I got another phone call from Dr. Fan herself and she said:

"I think you do need to do your last treatment.  You already have the cake (my clear CAT scan), now this last treatment will be the icing on the cake."

Isn't it awesome these doctors call me??  I am so fortunate to have such wonderful people on my "cancer team".

So, after some thought and prayer...I decided I will have my last chemo treatment.  I will go in this next Monday for it.  I will plan to be sick for a week, and then I'll be moving on with my life.  It's a great life, and I'm so thankful for it!

Remember John from Idaho??  He was able to collect enough stem cells to have a transplant.  He is recovering, and after a rough process, he is doing well.  It's amazing how far they have come with cancer treatments, and as hard as they can be to endure physically, when you see a life's so worth it in the end.  Yay John!


  1. I'm all for icing. It's the best part. Nice to see a light at the end. Talk to you soon. Was thinking about John from Idaho last night. Thanks for updating us.

  2. Icing is GREAT!!! I hope this next week flies by and you're able to make fun plans for the Summer!!
    Hang in there!